Friday, January 2, 2009

More Cousins

My uncle Jim and his wife, Tina, (I guess that would make her my aunt which is really weird because I have quite a few years on her) were able to pose all 3 of their kids and all 5 of their pets for an xmas pic. Amazing! I look forward to their cards each year to see how they out-do the pic from the year before.
The dog in the lower left corner actually looks like he's smiling, and the cats' face always cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

This is the best photo, I want to be on their christmas card lis!!! By the way what did Amys and chrissys look like?

YFA said...

that was from me

Karen said...'ll have to come over and see. Are you off at all next week? Maybe we can lunch.

Anonymous said...

I also look forward to those cards. Totally amazing aren't they. Returned from Jim and Tina's 45 minutes ago. Had a great visit and it's wonderful to be in my own home. Got a card from Sylvia confirming our times in Michigan. Now isn't that a treat in January! Got cards from Kim and Sarah too and started to write little notes. Wonder if I will finish them and mail. I took a minute out to place the lovely runner you made for me in it's new home. It's on a small beat up coffee table that we have the intention of refinishing. Now it almost doesn't look necessary. Wore some of those socks you gave me home on the plane! Thank you!You think of and make the most clever gifts. I also appreciate your recycling efforts. Had to leave the books for my summer read tho, because my bag was crammed. I guess if I took a smaller lunch for the plane I could fit a few more things in my backpack! Better get to bed so morning will come and I can check your blog for more family and fun. Hope you are feeling better. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

We're glad you like our cards, Karen!