Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Photo to Quilt

This is my first real attempt to take a photo and translate into an art quilt. It was not easy and this piece needs work. There isn't a lot of depth in my translation.Also, I haven't bound it yet 'cause I'm tired of it and want to start on something else.

Here's the picture I started with...Grace running on the beach in South Haven.

Here's my version:

Her head is too big and Chuck says her hair looks Rastafarian.
No depth in the sand or water. Was thinking maybe using chalk,colored pencils to add some shading?
Lighthouse walkway crooked.
Skin tone needs work. I used colored pencil for shading...I don't think that works well.
I wanted to add her shadow but I forgot...maybe later.

What I like:
Her pants...I like the highlighting I did with the lighter turquoise fabric.
The sky.
Her shirt tuned out pretty good....altho I tried to shade it with a while pencil and it didn't turn out that great.
As a whole, I think it turned out pretty good for a first time try. I'm anxious to start another one.

Constructive criticism appreciated.

Future Police of America....

....who will always need their Gramma...she's the best!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crossed over + a little kid art.

100,000 miles on the 'ole Cavelier. She's been good to me over the last 5 years. I hope to keep 'er running for another 5 :) Also on my dash, a little doggy Grace drew and colored. He makes me smile.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jessica's 9!!

Jessica turned 9 yesterday ( bad auntie didn't post yesterday...I had a root canal so I was busy flying my freak flag) We celebated on Easter and then went out for dinner last night. Gramma and Grampa got her a new bike. I think she liked it. A lot. Happy Birthday preety girl!


One freaking amazing score from a garage sale. Nice!

Kenny's quilt.

It was Jessica's birthday but Kenny got a quilt. His bday is in June. I wanted him to have it now while its still a bit chilly. Aunt kathleen did an amazing job quilting it...thanks aunt! I made it to match Amy's quilt which in turn matches their family room.

Easter egg hunt.

Lap Dog

Hoppy Easter

I made carrots and filled them with jelly beans for the kids.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi :)

I haven't posted in awhile...been down with a bum tooth. Today is the first day in a week that I work up without pain. YAY! I've been pretty hopped up (get it? Easter? hopped?) on tylonol3's, Motrin and a super strong antibioitic. I'm so looking forward to a root canal next Tuesday...can't. wait.

The flower pic was taken in Florida last month....thinking it would make a nice art quilt.
Have a great day.....its supposed to rain like crazy here today. yay.

Oh, on the up side of having a bad tooth? I've lost 3 pounds.....I'm sure it will find me. As for the rain, April showers bring May flowers...or so they say. Whoever they are.

Scrapbooking and quilting collide

My man and his dog.

Helper Boy

Kyle brought his mom and Danny over to the house a few weeks ago. He was such a big help inside and outside. Inside, he wanted to bring everything out so he could decorate the back yard. Outside, he had very important work to do moving several rocks and mulch from place to place.


Dad and Cheryl's new boat.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Florida 2011

Bathing Beauty Gracie.
Kenny and Cheryl making meatballs. Yum. 
Cheryl's sauce was incredible.....BEST. SAUCE.EVER. I am not kidding. It was her dad,Vito's recipe.

Dad bought a condo down here. WooHoo!!! This is him with his long-suffering agent, Shane. Dad tortured the poor guy the last 3 years in a row looking for a place. 

The kids got all tatted up.
We drank Mohito's....they're so pretty.

Gramma Sheeto had a birthday. 

Having a nice time...Wish you were here....;)