Monday, January 12, 2009


Chuck and I went down to dad and Cheryl's house to help them with their computers. Dad bought a laptop from Chuck but had no idea how to use it. Here were some of his questions: "How do I turn it on? ", "Where is the 'H' ?", "Can I take it to Panera and be like the cool guys?"

Chuck was very patient with him. It was all quite amusing. BTW, Cheryl made us an awesome brunch, too. Thanks Cheryl!
BTW#2 Dad had some cancer cells removed from the side of his head last week....thats what the bandage is for. Doctor is pretty sure he got everything.


Mary said...

LOL he's going to Facebooking in no time!

YFA said...

Good thing your dad and my mother never met.
how are you, call me some time.

Col said...

Hmmm me thinks your dad and Chuck have the same look going with the glasses!! Sorry to hear about the C scare.