Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gracie & Auntie

I gave grace another sewing lesson yesterday. I'm not too sure she's into it. She just wants to do the sewing part.....not the cutting or pinning stuff. She's doing a great job sewing a straight line, tho....I'm so proud of her.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Auntie you are. Be still my heart, watching the two together. You were very encouraging. In this now world it's hard for kids to do the whole process. I thought you did a great job explaining all that was involved. These are some of the things that I miss living across the country. I also wanted to let you know that I wish I could make things better for you in the work situation. I'm sure that you will get what you need and the wait is hard. Love, mom

Karen said...

....thanks ,mom...I love you.

kristyn said...

So sweet...even moms themselves need their moms sometimes to make everything just a little better.