Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Pink House BOM...Update.

Here's my take on January's BOM. I ask you....when is the last time you saw a pink flowered house?! I think it turned out cute. I had fun making it but it kinda took me a long time. Cutting the fabric precisely probably took me the longest. I'm still having issues with cutting a straight line. Kathleen whipped her house up in no time and when Cara gets hers done, I'll post all three of our houses.

Here are Kathleen and Cara's house's. Good job ladies! I'm looking forward to next months house. The pattern won't be available until Feb.15th.


Anonymous said...

I like it! I was sitting near the computer looking out the window at a huge tree across the field from us with 15 turkeys sitting in it. The morning was arriving with the coming light behind the montain across town. It's the first time we have noticed the turkeys in the tree. There are about 25 of them that hang out in the neighborhood. Penny grabed her camera and drove a couple of blocks to try and photograph them. Alas she needed Amy's camera. As I continued to watch a large # of crows began landing at the very top of the tree. They sat a few minutes then would fly off and return in wave fashion. The turkeys began to drop out of the tree. What an interesting morning! Who would have thought turkeys could provide such interest without going in my mouth! Ah nature. I love that we don't have buildings over a couple of stories ( Yes, there a few.) here in Santa Rosa. It keeps the view open. Well, it's full light now and the sun will be coming up behind the mountain in a few minutes. It's as beautiful to watch it as it rises over the mountain as it was to watch it sink into the water at the coast last weekend. Looks like a beautiful day is unfolding. Love, Mom

Kathleen said...

Wow, what a way to start the day. Thanks for the description Pat.

Kathleen said...

Cara, I love your starry night sky!