Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tutorial: Quilted Casserole Carrier in 6 easy steps.

.....and its reversible! The one I made above can fit a pie pan or a small,shallow casserole pan. These can easily be made for bigger pans by increasing your fabric and batting dize.They are so quick and easy to make and will make great gifts. I've made 4 already and am working on #5 and 6.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I Am Thankful!

Well, I got 1 picture before I dropped my camera and broke it. Never-the-less, I am still so very grateful for so many things. My list is endless.

Cheryl made the cheese and veggie platter above. I wanted to get a pic before the vultures (my family) attacked it. As you can see, it didn't happen.

 Robby rolled into town for the festivities...its good to see him.

 Khloe came and brought her parents. She's getting so big!! I did take some pics with Jessica's camera, so there may be more to come.

 I plan to stay out of all stores today...the so-called Black Friday....ugh. Let the madness begin. Chuck has ordered me to get into the Christmas spirit starting TODAY! I would prefer to wait until mid-December but he won't hear of it.

Oh, and BTW, if you are getting an xmas present from me this year, it will be hand made and you will like it and cherish it forever.....even if its just a potholder;) I better get started.....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Odds and ends.

Here is what I worked on at the retreat: I started a queen-sized strip quilt from vintage fabrics....
....helped with the donation quilt. I brought it home to sandwich and quilt it. I'll bring it to our meeting on the 4th for someone else to bind it....I don't like doing that part:)

Also did a little quilting on this commission quilt.

My friend, Becky, came over today and we made the top for a dontion quilt. We plan to donate it to ICCPM (Illinois Coalition of Certified Proffessional Midwives) to auction at their gathering on the 4th of Dec.

Lucy, my sister Amy's dog, is staying with us this week. She tried to ....and it looks like she managed cram herself into Sophie's bed at the bottom of the stairs. I was cracking up. Sophie does not think it is funny.

 Holloween pics....better late then never.

 The booty. The kids got a ton of candy. We had pizza after trick or treating. Fun times!

Beautiful Jess.

These are some bags I made a few weeks ago. I plan to make more to give away.....hopefully before Christmas.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CMQG Quilting Retreat

 Jennifer fooling around and Ebony very seriously sewing.

 Yolanda and Erika working on their projects.

 Jennifer made an apron....all by herself!!! (Emily helped a little.)
 We invited Robbie Eklow to do the dishes:) Thanks Robbie!
 Andrea with one of her projects.

Jennifer finished a whole quilt top!!! I'm so proud of her. She worked feverishly to get this done before we left Sunday afternoon. Nice work!A wonderful time was had by all and we are looking forward to going back in March. I'll post pics of what I worked on tomorrow....I just realized I didn't take any pics of my stuff.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lady in Green. 'Ready' Series #5

This piece was commissioned by my Aunt Nedra. She asked for a flowy green dress and shoulder length brown hair on a cream background. She wanted the hair to be in an up do, but after spending several hours trying to get it to look just right, I gave up.....I actually think I might have had a mini tantrum:)  Every time I tried to get the hair right, she just kept looking like Princess Leia with a honey bun on her head. Not a good look. So her hair is down and looks just fine. I hope you like it, Aunt! Sorry, the pics don't look so great...the lights in the craft room were reflecting off the glass. The first shot is before I framed it. This piece measures 20 X 22 unframed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A new era (and shop) for Decorative Industries

Eric got a new toy.
This shop is so much brighter and cleaner and the floors aren't falling in and it smells nicer then the old one. working hard.
On second thought, they don't look like they are working very hard, they actually look like they stayed up too late watching the Bears game last night:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chicago Botanical Gardens and Fiber Art Show

 Pretty lily pads and purple I see an art quilt? Why
yes, yes I do:)

The pics don't do justice to how beautiful it was that day. I'd never been to these gardens before. I'm looking forward to going back next summer.

Above: My friend, Becky. I just love her!!
Below: A 9 patch!

The above quilt is made from 'found' items such as candy wrappers, buttons, paper clips, etc. There's a close-up  several pics below. Interesting. I've actually wanted to make something from candy wrappers...they're so bright and colorful.

Above: 1 inch squares appliqued down with ribbon sewn over to hide the seams. I thought I might try a smaller version of this project as I have so many scraps leftover from my applique projects.

Below: I like the frame over the picture giving it a window effect.

A farm for you, Aunt Kathleen:) You are welcome;)