Sunday, May 10, 2009

Really Big Jesus

This is just a little something my mother-in-law, Sylvia, made.....she's amazing. Here's what she said about making this huge sculpture:
I just had to let you know that today they completed the installation of the Ross Memorial we have been working on for months. While this is not yet the "official" photo, it gives you a good idea of what I've been working on (in pieces) in the garage. To give you a better idea of the size, the halo is 6 ft. across. All the color was applied with powder coating and a heat gun. (I wore out 1 new heat gun, and have many hours on the 2nd one.) Each piece was then baked in a huge industrial oven with a clear coating for an even greater durability.

A point of information, I did the original design, and then an 8 1/2" x 11" outline of the figure, which with computer magic, sent a message to plasma cut the steel in the large pieces! The pieces were then powder coated white. The pieces were individually hauled to me where I did the color powder coating application. Our garage has been my workshop. Behind the figure is an ingenious bracket system that attaches to the wall. A lot of engineering by Warren Janke of Pace Iron Works was done to accomplish this. Much of his time was volunteered, and the project could not have happened without his efforts.

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