Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Saw Henry and we had a nice snuggle before he took his nap today. He's doing well. Poor guy looks like he got in a big fight with all the bruising from the iv sticks and chest tube. Such a relief to have him home and getting better. Doctors say it will take up to 6 months for him to fully recover. I'll be starting back to work there as his nurse on Friday...woohoo...I get to hang out with the dollies and get paid! Thanks to all that have kept our boy and his family in their prayers.
Here's what mom had to say in an email she sent out to everyone:
We're so happy to tell you that Henry came home yesterday afternoon - - after 13 days in the hospital. He's not 100% better - - they said it will take up to 6 months to completely recover - - but he's much better than when he was admitted to the hospital. The PICC line will remain in his arm until June and will deliver the antibiotics to him.As some of you know, we had some set backs which kept him longer than expected. He was given the wrong antibiotics, and it wasn't discovered until Thursday. And on Saturday, Henry accidentally pulled out his chest tube while playing with his matchbox cars. It was very scary for me, but didn't seem to phase him. His room immediately filled with nurses, and they quickly bandaged the site.There is still fluid in a space next to his lung, but they decided not to put the chest tube back in and will monitor with x-rays. He'll have one tomorrow.But aside from all the setbacks, we're home. We both got a long night of uninterrupted sleep last night. Now we'll try to get back into the home routine. He will have lots of appointments in the coming weeks and should continue to gain strength.It was so wonderful to get so many cards and emails during his hospital stay. What an encouragement to have so many people praying for him. We know your countless prayers carried Henry through this medical whirlwind and we are very grateful for your love.Sincerely,Jennifer(and family)

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So happy to here the good news about Henr! What a little trouper. Mom