Sunday, May 24, 2009

Passion for Pinwheels

I decided I love pinwheels. Here's some pics of what I've been working on. I had planned on saving this project for South Haven when we go in June, but it just kept calling me. The flower fabric is a vintage bed sheet that I found in great condition ($2.50 from you know where...thrift store) and the blue fabric came from a bed skirt (1.25 also from you know where). The pink was from my favorite thrift store, Community Thrift, and there was about 2 yards for around 1.50. The pink fabric is a little on the cheap side but that's okay. The yellow and white came from the quilt store so that of course will bump up the cost of the whole quilt. All in all, only about $13.00 was spent to make this quilt top. Not bad! How's that for re-using and re-cycling? The 2nd pic is the first blocks I made, so my centers were a little off, but, the more I made, the more my centers came together. WooHoo! Oh, and btw, my pinwheels won't be all spinning in the same direction as you can see. I decided that would be okay.

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Kathleen said...

Those fabrics go so well together - how cool that you found them in thrifty places. Your pinwheels look good!