Friday, September 10, 2010

little quilty houses

I was inspired by this:

So I made this:

But that didn't look right, so I made this:

The door is a bit wanky and the tree trunk is not big enough and the light green should be in the background and the dark green in the foreground......but.....I love the apples in the tree and the pebble-quilted walkway and the blue sky and the picket fence ;)


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

What was your process?
I saw the similar one on the Quilt challenge and I want to know how you collage all that together. Is it on a foundation?

Could you help me out a bit? I have had a couple of wallhangings in mind ever since I saw that adorable pig quilt of your nieces and have been google-ing but still can't figure it out!!

These are adorable!

Kathleen said...

oh oh oh oh LOVE THEM!!!

Col said...

too cute

Jessica said...

I love these, very cute!