Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Things I love about my mom in no specific order:

She's an awesome mom.
Her clothes always match her socks.
She has a HUGE heart.
She's a really good listener.
She's very cute.
 She would give you the shirt off her back (unless of course it was her favorite turquoise shirt.)
She taught me how to eat really 
healthily. (is that a word?)
She's sassy. (that's where I learned it)
She is compassionate.
She cooks really good.

I have a lot more, but am at a birth so will try and add more during the day. I love you, mom! Have a great day!!

What's are some things you love about my mom?


Anonymous said...

Thanks NaNa, it's always sweet to see nice things written about yourself. Love, Mom

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

I love that because of you Karen is in my life! What a wonderful, energetic, creative woman! Great job raising her!

margie13 said...

Your mom has the cutest laugh and smile. I remember her giving a snack to us when we were kids...sunflower seeds and raisins...I still love to eat them together and so do my boys!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a lovely post. Wishing your Mom a wonderful birthday!

Kathleen said...

Pat, I love that I learned from you how to have my babies, nurture my babies and hang out with my kids. I love your sense of humor, your hugs, and your down to earth, practical manner. Love you! Happy Birthday!