Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dire conditions at the Kells' home....

.....the can was empty. Not good. Fortunately, the Lady of the house had thought ahead.....way far ahead that she had forgotten.

Husband states, "Don't we have any emergency coffee?" 
Lady laughs at husband ridiculousness. 
Husband, pawing around in pantry, pulls out the decaf coffee can and says with a whine, "Is this all we have?"
Husband opens can and lo and behold, look what the Lady had stashed inside!!!

I must say, lady of the house rocks.

Laughter ensues. Husband and Lady decide to take comedy act on the road. On second thought, they will stay home and record themselves as their very own reality show to be shown on You tube for their friends and family's enjoyment.


Kathleen said...

So SMART! So FUNNY! You really turned that horrible situation around!

Chris said...

What a great story, and such foresight! :)

Col said...

you funny Nana