Monday, May 3, 2010

Project Quilting

It's time to vote for your favorite submission over at Kim's blog. There are 13 entries and are they awesome. This challenge was alot of fun. Kim has decided to turn this challenge into a 'season' of 8 challenges over the next several months. Why not jump in....auntie?....anyone else?Altho there's already been 2 challenges, the 'season' will start next Sunday. Fun Times!


Kathleen said...

Yes! It looks like fun.... I've been watching for the next challenge... glad to know when it is... and I voted. I really like the way your branches look.

The House that James Built said...

of course sweet karen. you are the best and i LOVE you!! my new address is 3391 Santa Rosa Ave slc 84109 i'll be sure they get it (even though i'll really want to keep it :)) xoxo lizzie