Friday, November 13, 2009

Quilting Frame thingy...part 3

Well, its 3p on Friday afternoon and I've spent all my quilting hours this week working with this thing. The same baby-sized quilt is still on the frame and its still not done. Every time I think I have the hang of it, something gets effed up. It's not so much the frame, but the sewing machine too. The thread breaks or gets jammed in the tension or the bobbin is dinked up or I'm sewing too fast or I'm sewing too slow. Each time I have to stop, assess, fix and restart. Frankly, I'm surprised I lasted this long. I definitely have the frame thingy it goes together and what-not and I do think it is a cool tool to have.....I just need a break from the whole thing. I'm going to work on my scrappy quilt now and this weekend.......and I think I'll send it to auntie to quilt when its done. Auntie, lemme tell ya, your a really, really good stippler....and I ain't just sayin' that to be nice!


Kathleen said...

Don't ya hate when something that's supposed to be fun, isn't? Thank you and you ARE nice.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I've been following your comments on this whole project. I agree this is supposed to be fun :-)

kwiltmakr said...

Well gee, maybe it is your needle or maybe a bad spool of thread. It is a shame that things are not working out more quickly. Keep us posted.