Thursday, November 12, 2009

John Flynn Quilting Frame thingy....part 2

(Part 1 posted yesterday) Okay...more thoughts and ramblings about this thing. I think (especially since its morning time as I blog this) I can grow to love this frame...someday. I just need to be patient and work out the kinks. I need to have a dedicated space for this frame so that I don't put it in the closet to collect dust. Also, I need a table and possibly another machine just for quilting projects. I'm thinking about buying an inexpensive machine...I'm going to watch for some that might be on sale. I've seen bare bones straight stitch machines for around $50. Altho, I would need the feed dogs to drop and that doesn't usually happen on inexpensive (read cheap) machines. And a cheap machine might just give me more headaches. Hey...maybe I should just upgrade the machine I have now!! Look at me everyone.....all of a sudden I'm a Rockefeller!! (deep breath)I'm going to work with Henry this morning so I'll be taking a break from it...which is probably a good thing. Have a great day! Karen


Theresa said...

Just a thought, buy a vintage Singer. Some of the older ones can drop the feed dogs, they can be had for $10-$50 (search CraigsList, don't be afraid to haggle), and they're pretty much indestructible! Also the full size ones (15's, 66's, 201's) have pretty big throat areas for quilting.

Just my 2 cents.

kwiltmakr said...

Gee you wouldn't think it would take that long to work the kinks out of using that frame. I just read the comment above from Theresa, I have been looking into getting a different machine for free motion quilting as well only I would like to put it on one of those frames you put your machine on. I never thought about an old singer. Keep us posted on the frame.