Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My latest project.

I started quilting just over a year ago and have amassed 3 big plastic pretzel jars full of scraps from all the projects I've worked on (some finished and a lot not finished!). I had the brilliant (insert lightbulb) idea to sew them all together into a scrappy quilt, calling it Scraps, 2009. I showed it to MSA* yesterday, and she turned up her perky little O'neill nose and said, "that's ugly" or maybe she said, "I don't like it". Oh, what does she know. Grace liked it. I thought this quilt would be a great reminder of my first year as a quilter.
Update: Also included in this quilt will be some leftover blocks I made but never got sewn into any quilts...good eye, auntie....and ur right...what do the A's know....obviously nothing!
*MSA: my sister amy


YFA said...

I'm with YSA. Love Lucy and all the kids look great. They are getting so big.

Kathleen said...

What a neat idea. What do the As know. Looks like you have a few leftover blocks too.

Katidids said...

Sounds fun, a bit of a memory quilt for you.

kwiltmakr said...

some of the nicest quilts I have seen are scrap quilts. So go to it.