Friday, November 20, 2009

4 Babies in 6 days...UPDATE: 5 Babies in 7 days!!!

All Born at home with the loving assistance of midwives, doctors and nurses who feel so blessed and honored to help these moms and dads
bring their babes into the world.

.....its been a little pocketbook and my heart is full and grateful.....but boy, I'm tired!

**BTW...I don't know any of those babies pictured..just thought they were cute.

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Kathleen said...

And each one of those families was blessed to have you helping. It's so cool that you have a great job that you are really good at.... Re: the pictures: they are cute but I'm worried about the babies in the last pic. I'm afraid they are going to fall out. Please have someone lay them down! lots of rest and then lots of sewing to re-charge then more naps, sewing, naps . . .