Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby Quilt for Lulu's Boutique.

This is Lulu....isn't she beautiful? I ran across her blog, Liver for Lulu, awhile back and was moved by this little girl's family and her story. Lulu's family and friends are having a fundraiser for her next week. I wanted to contribute a little something, so I put together this baby quilt and will pop it in the mail on Monday. Check out Lulu's blog to find out more about this little cherub.


Julia said... are so talented, and so kind! Thank you a million times over for making this quilt on LuLu's behalf!


The House that James Built said...

lulu thanks is beautiful, you are so kind! all my love!! lizzie

kristyn said...

Such a beautiful little girl!...and beautiful quilt! That is very thoughtful of you Karen. My prayers go out to LuLu and her family!

Kathleen said...

What a pretty quilt for such a good cause.

Julia said...

Karen...your gorgeous quilt had a mason jar in front of it OVERFLOWING with raffle tickets! A very happy winner took it home and you helped raise quite a bit of money for LuLu! Thanks again.

"Aunt" Julia