Monday, April 27, 2009




Such a silly girl I was last Monday to think I could get 4 WIPS done in a week! I'm sure you all had a little giggle on my behalf. Good thing I changed the goal to one WIP a week. I finished the AB quilt just in the nick of time. I like it.


Now, on to the Florida quilt. But first I have to go check on 2 new mommies. Have a great day!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I love that quilt, I also really like the back!!
On to the next, good luck!!

Kathleen said...

Oh, Karen, it looks so pretty . . . front AND back. Your quilting looks good too. Nice work. And I didn't have a giggle - you lit a fire under me.

YFA said...

Very Nice, I like the back too. Great job

YFA said...

Take a picture of the furniture you bought last week I want to see how it looks in the craft room

Sharifah said...

nice nice nice..
ali ve the colour karen...plan to do bb quilt for upcoming mom to be too..

mary said...

Cute!! Sorry I never got u more fabric, but it turned out great anyway!!