Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day plan....ADCD

Didn't get too much done on the AB quilt yesterday. Drew some lines and tried to sew as straight as possible. After working on only this project for the last three days, my ADCD* is really starting to kick in....hard. I want to work on something new. wwaahhhh. It seams I bit off more then I could sew. I think I was only fooling myself when I thought I could get 4 half done projects done in 7 days. So here's the new plan. How about a WIP a week. That feels a little more manageable....maybe. I'll finish the AB quilt this week....hopefully..... but I'll still be able to squeeze other stuff in. Let's see how that works for me.
*ADCD: Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder


Kathleen said...

Looking good so far. If you finish one a week, that'll leave time, like you say, to work on other stuff. That'll keep you from getting stale on a project and it'll give you more WIPs. Keep it all up and you'll have 52 finished projects at the end of the year!!!!! WOW! However you do it - have fun.

Cara said...

I love Kathleen's comment. I thought she was going to say "Keep it up and you'll have 52 finished projects - and 365 WIPs by the end of the year" LOL

Katidids said...

ROTFL!! I Love the ADCD comment! May I link you?