Sunday, October 12, 2008

Me and sweet Julia.

This kid really gave her mom a rough go. Weeks of contractions on and off, 10 days overdue, 2 days with a broken water bag then weighing in at 10 lbs!!! Rachel, you are my hero!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you at a birth again! Wonderful that you get the opportunity to spread the word,and example, to another nursing student. Great timing,just before she does her ob rotation. She now has some experience to view how distorted hospital births can be, with so much unecessary intrusion. This was a special birth and that mom Rachel is amazing hanging in there. Some babies do have a challenge coming out to be in this world. You were a late baby as was I. It's hard in this day and age for medical personal to let nature take it's course. Yes, yes I know all their reasons and a great diservice is done to many moms and babies when time and patience is what is usually needed. Guess I still have strong opinions about that!