Sunday, October 12, 2008

7023 W. 115th Street

I had to drive to Oak Forest yesterday and decided to go by the house I grew up in. Boy, does it look different...and so little! There used to be 3 big trees in the front yard but now their gone. Whoever lives there now has really made it look nice. Again, its amazing how small it looks to me. Growing up, I felt like we lived in the biggest house in town what with the addition and all!


YFA said...

Really cute house!!
I think that lady has enough babies, can she have one for me?
I love the fish scale!!!
Nice photo at Buca.
You do need to pick better fabric for your Quilt.
Miss Ya.
did you guys scrap?

mary said...

OMG it does look tiny!!! And so weird without the trees!!! Nice landscaping tho.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe how different it looks, are you sure that is the right house?


YFA said...

Hey, let us see of picture of how it used to look?

Anonymous said...

I commented yesterday but something went wrong cuz I don't see it today. What I'm aware of today is how familar the house looks and it's strange not to have the trees. I always thought it felt big enough and the homes you girls have now are a lot bigger, especially considering the number of people in them. Me too. We had to have the trees taken down in front of our house and it looks strange without them. Hey Nana, what color is the Worth house? Love, Mom

Karen said...

Yes, I'm sure that's the Worth house and the color is a really pretty soft yellow.