Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mandy and Julia

This is Mandy holding Julia. I work with Mandy at the twins house. She's in her last year of nursing school and trying to figure out if she wants to go to midwifery school. I've been trying to get her to a birth with me other the last several months (to show her how babies are supposed to be born!) and she was finally able to attend Rachel with me. Needless to say, Mandy LOVED it! I'm hoping to get her out to more births this fall. Mandy is doing her OB rotation starting next week so I'm glad I got to her first so she could see a natural birth before they torture her at the hospital! (BTW: Fact:C-secs are around 50% at some hospitals in our area....just thought I'd throw that in) We need more enthusiastic people like Mandy to keep natural birth and home birth alive. Special thanks to Rachel and Jim for allowing Rachel to come to your home.

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