Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Took a ride this morn to Saugatuck....about 15 miles up Blue Star highway. Had coffee at funky/cute coffee shop called Uncommon Ground. Did some art for awhile. The weather has been incredible. The weather reports have been calling for storms, but the sun keeps coming out. Having a good time with the family.....nobody is making me crazy yet!!....and I don't think I'm bugging anyone either so its all good!


amy said...

Great photos, Grace is getting so tall.
I love Saugatuck, It is really nice up there.
Nothing new here.

Tina said...

Karen, I was recently asked where I could find peace and serenity. My answer is always been South Haven. I love seeing the lighthouse in the background of your pictures.

Juli and Amanda are going for a week to The Country Place Bed and Breakfast this summer. My dad goes up on the 21st of June.

Enjoy your time there.