Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am grateful....for my work.

So today, its back to work with the twins in Elmhurst. I haven't been there in about two weeks. Looking forward to seeing them and their baby sister...oh yeah and their mom too. and Kristyn too.Yesterday I attended a mom up in Chrystal Lake have her third birth. It was wonderful. There were alot of friends and family there so it was like a big birth day party. Everybody cheered when the baby was born...a sweet little boy.

I am so very grateful for my work. It makes me very happy (most days:)

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Anonymous said...

It's just the the best to appreciate ones work and to like it is even better! Glad you are still having the opportunity to be a part of births. Coming into the world is an amazing thing to be a part of. Love, Mom P.S. Did I remember to tell you how much I like the pictures you sent. The picture of you is lovely. You look so relaxed and happy.