Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wheaton Quilt show

I thought this quilt was cool....looked like stained glass....I think that was the idea. It looked kinda '70's to me and I liked that too as all things '70's seem to appeal to me these days.

LOVE LOVE the pebble quilting on this quilt.

Cute little piece of fiber art. Of course I like the buttons all around...I got a thing for buttons. I need to use them more often in my work...the only problem is that they have to be hand-sewn....and I'm lazy. Very.


kat said...

Oh I love that pebble quilting too!

Cheryll said...

Pebbles are very popular and they are great to fill in areas.
I LiKe 'em...

Kathleen said...

Pebbles look really cool.
Pebbles are really hard to do (for me anyway).
Cute tree house.
I have a pair of flowered bell bottoms if you are interested.