Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanks, Aunt, you made my birthday!!

My Auntie Kath wrote a poem about me!! I love it!

 About Karen

There once was a girl
golden hair , a bit of curl.
A smile so bright and sunny.
She finds lots of things funny.

An apple dress she dared to wear.
Now teasing unending she will bear.
She wore it to look her very best.
It made her stand out from all the rest.

She grew some more.
Different clothes she wore.
She had her own two boys,
and now they are too big for toys.

Her talents, they are so many.
She could make art from a penny.
From fabric and thread, art so fine
You'll be saying "I wish it were mine!"

But wait. There's more to tell you.
There's more she did and can do.

Long ago and so far away
she was heard to say,
"I have a new goal to achieve.
I can do it. I believe!"

She gathered every cent she had
Became soldier lady for dear old Dad.
She studied hard & missed some naps.
All rewarded one day with gowns and caps.

And now she is blessed
with a job that's the best.
She's there when life meets day.
More precious than words can say.

I'm nearly done here
talking about a niece so dear.
Just a bit more.
I hope I don't bore.

She likes coffee and wine.
With hubby she likes to dine.
She likes Sunbonnet Sue.
She likes yellow and blue.
She loves our Lord.
She's seldom bored.
She loves family and friends.
Happy thoughts she freely lends.

My poem is nearly done.
It sure has been fun.
That's all I have to say



Pat said...

What a SPECIAL gift you got from your aunt!!! I hope you had a very happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Karen!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kathleen and Happy Birthday to my golden girl-firstborn. Hope you engoyed the gathering at Amy's today for the October birthdays.
Lots of love!