Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things I did while my internet was down.

1. Wonder about how many emails I got over night.
2.Wonder if I have any new friends on Facebook.
3.Pretend like it is 1998 and I didn't need or want the internet.
4.Wonder if anyone left a comment on my blog.
5.Wonder why my coffee pot won't work this morning it some kind of internet/coffee pot conspiracy?
6.Thank God I have a back-up coffee pot....Thank you God!
7.Wonder how long it will take for Mr. Wonderful to FIX IT!!!! (the internet and the coffee pot)
8.Wonder how I've managed to survive the past 90 mins without the internet.
9.Check to see if its connected yet......checking...checking...checking....NO.
10.Practice patience while trying not to scream, “HONEY.......FIX IT!!!!!”
11.Get a life.....seriously.


Anonymous said...

We actually made it!!
We made it to the memorial in San Francisco for my aunt Gertrude, made it to my cousin's house for a visit, made it to Nadia's birfday celebration, then all the way back here -220 miles -WITHOUT the cell phone (or the directions). TaDaaaa.

YFA said...

I like the fabric with the Aprons.
I guess the internet is Back?

Kathleen said...

What, no crafting, no sewing, no quilting!?

Jackie said...

I'm an addict too! I know how you must have felt!

Chris said...

This "cracked" me up. Been there, done that, thought the same things. Too funny.