Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quilt Along and Quilting Crack

As if I need to start a new project.......I found this one the other day and it looks easy so I'm going to try and follow along. These are the fabrics I picked out. They are all Vintage 1930 Repro's. I picked them up yesterday at a small quilt show in Bensonville. The show was also having a quilters garage sale and there was a woman there selling fats and bigger for $1 each. OMG I about hyperventilated. They were all high quality fabrics......I bought 44 of them......believe me I wanted much more but I had to control myself. It wasn't easy. Then the woman who was selling them said ," Oh, this is just a small amount of what we have. We have a basement full of fabric and quilting supplies and will be having a big sale at our house in May." At that point, I asked her if she had a paper bag I could breath into. I gave her my email and she'll be letting me know when they have the sale.


Anonymous said...

Is this the town next to Elmhurst?? And you didn't TELL ME??
That's OK - you can make up for it in May ;o)

Karen said...

....I didn't know that stuff was going to be there.....i'll let u know in May.

YFA said...

Is there a quilters anonymous?????

Ivan Tulafitov said...

Hello My Name is Karen and I'm a Quilter
heh :)