Monday, November 7, 2011

Chicago Botanical Gardens and Fiber Art Show

 Pretty lily pads and purple I see an art quilt? Why
yes, yes I do:)

The pics don't do justice to how beautiful it was that day. I'd never been to these gardens before. I'm looking forward to going back next summer.

Above: My friend, Becky. I just love her!!
Below: A 9 patch!

The above quilt is made from 'found' items such as candy wrappers, buttons, paper clips, etc. There's a close-up  several pics below. Interesting. I've actually wanted to make something from candy wrappers...they're so bright and colorful.

Above: 1 inch squares appliqued down with ribbon sewn over to hide the seams. I thought I might try a smaller version of this project as I have so many scraps leftover from my applique projects.

Below: I like the frame over the picture giving it a window effect.

A farm for you, Aunt Kathleen:) You are welcome;)

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Kathleen said...

Wow! Great pictures and so much inspiration. The ribbon quilt looks pretty cool... so many little pieces. The black and white stripes in the candy wrapper quilt kind of pull it together. And the farm quilt, Love it! of course! Can't wait to see your purple flower quilt.