Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art Quilt Show 2011

Below: Winnie the Pooh. Made for my brothers' baby, Khloe.

Above: This was inspired by a vintage VOGUE patern.
Below: Lady in Orange.

Above: This piece was commissioned by a homebirth client.
Below: Bountiful. Whole cloth art quilt. Painted onto fabric using acrylic paints and then quilted.

Above: This quilt was created by using a photo of my niece, Grace, running on the beach in South Haven.
Below: This quilt was commissioned. The buyer asked for a turquoise dress, purple blanket, and dark brown hair on a black background.

Above: When scrapbooking and art quilting collide.

Below: Ode to a Red Dress. The inspiration for this piece was the work of artist Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan, Jr.

Above: Funky Flowers.
Below: Whole cloth art quilt. Painted flowers onto died fabric then quilted.
Below: This quilt was created from a photo of my friend Michelle and her baby.

Note: All the art above is either for sale or can be re-created and/or customized.


Kathleen said...

Beautiful post; beautiful work! I was going to tell you my favorite but I can't pick one.... I love almost every one of them!

♥Duff said...

you have extraordinary talent, Karen! And knowing that your love for life is just as encompassing makes me smile when I think of you! The new Vogue series is a stunner! Best wishes for commissioned work :O)

Col said...

You are amazing!! Ditto what Kath said I can't pick a favorite!!

Anonymous said...

My favorites are bountiful, Grace on the beach, and the last one-the artist in action. Lovely work Karen and so varied. You are amazing!I have to admit I miss the scrapbook pictures. See you Thursday. Tina will be coming back home Sunday night on the same plane. A Surprize to both of us. Love,