Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Photo to Quilt

This is my first real attempt to take a photo and translate into an art quilt. It was not easy and this piece needs work. There isn't a lot of depth in my translation.Also, I haven't bound it yet 'cause I'm tired of it and want to start on something else.

Here's the picture I started with...Grace running on the beach in South Haven.

Here's my version:

Her head is too big and Chuck says her hair looks Rastafarian.
No depth in the sand or water. Was thinking maybe using chalk,colored pencils to add some shading?
Lighthouse walkway crooked.
Skin tone needs work. I used colored pencil for shading...I don't think that works well.
I wanted to add her shadow but I forgot...maybe later.

What I like:
Her pants...I like the highlighting I did with the lighter turquoise fabric.
The sky.
Her shirt tuned out pretty good....altho I tried to shade it with a while pencil and it didn't turn out that great.
As a whole, I think it turned out pretty good for a first time try. I'm anxious to start another one.

Constructive criticism appreciated.


Sarah said...

You're too hard on yourself - I think it looks great! I don't think the hair looks to Rastafarian; I think the hair is my favorite part. :)

Pat said...

I think it looks wonderful. I can tell you I'd have no idea how to do this and for you to do this super job on a first try, I am totally amazed!

Kathleen said...

wow! It looks great!
Can you use some different colored threads and do some thread painting on top of the quilting to add depth?
I love the sky and you're right, the pants look good.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great... i second kathleen about the thread painting... or perhaps use paint?

Anonymous said...

This is great! The lighthouse is fine, the hair is fine (looks more curly to me than Rastafarian), the skin is wonderful the way you shaded it. I agree that shading will make the water look exactly the way you want. Her shadow will make a world of difference, tying her to the sand. Now stop looking at each little part and enjoy what a wonderful job you did making this an overall piece!! : )

Cathy said...

Wow Karen, this is amazing! I have never done one of these before, but I think, for your first attempt, you don't need to change much at all. I agree with adding in the shadow perhaps, apart from that, wow!

tbadg said...

Karen, I think this is fantastic. Adding a shadow will really add something.

How about using variegated thread to make some waves in the water?

tbadg said...

Karen: Previous post is from me.

(Terry Badgley)

Judy Hartman said...

Love it, Karen! I think you've given yourself enough constructive criticism! I just love the spirit and openness of your design and the beachy feel!
ps - thank you for visiting my blog!

mfa said...

It looks great karen, really cool. How big is it?

Anonymous said...

Karen I think it looks great. You did a wonderful job for the 1st time. Now pat yourself on the back.
Aunt Kathy

Cara said...

I LOVE it! I think you did really good. To get texture and shadow in the sand and water, maybe you could layer the fabrics. Sheer dark over the lighter one? I've been wanting to try this too. You are motivating me!

Donna said...

More than anything, I LOVE the hair.

Did you see the video I posted on the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild FB page on Rattail binding? Perfect for a piece like this...

Can't wait to
1. see what you do next'
2. try this myself!