Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sights seen @ the Sandwich County Fair.

Lots of Quilts.

Pie, of course...with one slice missing for judging.

More quilts.

Canned food stuff.

More quilts.

Farmer guy. On a cell phone. In the country?

More quilts.
Kids on leashes.
Good ole
Sue and Sam.

Little tractors.

Icky clown guy.
Orion Samualson. I recognized his voice before I saw him. He drew quite a crowd.

Really Big Tractors.
I'd never been to a county fair before. It was really neat.....and the smell was....interesting as well....mmmmooooo....bbbaaahhhh...


Kathleen said...

thanks for all the quilt pics! You picked a good county for your first fair. Now next year you need to enter a quilt! Or bring a kid on a leash.

Col said...

The Sandwich schools close early on Wednesday and Thursday with Friday being optional as no attendance is taken that day. It is a fun fair, although we haven't gone in many years. Maybe this year.