Monday, September 7, 2009

She's Baaaaaaaack!!!!!

Well, we thought maybe Spooky was doing a little worse last week because her fur was a mess and we had to clean her with wet towels at least twice a day. Then this morning she came into our room meowing pretty loud like she used to. Hmmm. Then, I went to look at her paws to clean her, but they didn't look bad. Hmmmm. Then she was following us all over the house meowing at Chuck to feed her. Again...Hmmmm. I said to Chuck," If I start seeing her groom herself again I'll know she might be on the mend." A few hours later Chuck brought her up to craft room and set her down."Go ahead, Spook, show her," he said. Spooky walked over to the only tiny patch of sunshine in the room, settled onto the edge of a peice of paper, (she likes to sit on the edge of stuff....weird) and BEGAN GROOMING HERSELF!!!! We haven't seen this is weeks! I'm so excited! She's still drooling a little , but I think the tooth that was plaguing her has fallen out. WooHoo...we missed you, Spooky-girl!


Anonymous said...

Glad your kitty is doing so well. Mom

Kathleen said...

Welcome back Spooky!