Friday, March 28, 2008


All is well here...we just got done with our final day of digging. I´m filthy and so is everything I brought. I´ve been having a great time altho yesterday I accidentally erased about 150 pix I had taken. Boy that sure took the wind out of my sails......I feel so dumb for doing it. Someone said that maybe they are retreivable....I don´t think so. I was really bummed for the rest of the afternoon. Fortunatly I woke up this am feeling better and started reshooting pix. We have been ssssssooooo busy with the digging project, there hasn´t been much time for anything crafting, napping, etc. We went to church last night for their Wed night service and the people were so exuberant. I could´nt understand anything they were saying but it was so great watching them. At the end, they all want to hug and kiss us.....they were lining up to give us fun! I don´t think I´m going zip-lining with the gang tomorrow morning. I really need some down time and my body is so beat up.... I just don´t have the energy. I just want to sit and enjuoy how beautiful it is here. I will be going to the waterfalls and butterfly garden tomorrow afternoon so I´m looking forward to that.


Chuck said...

hi Karen :)
great to hear you are having a good time!
FYI I did read in one of my computer magazines that it's possible to retrieve deleted pics off your digital cameras disk but,,,,,,
you cannot take any more pictures if you want to save the old ones because the old file name i.e. PIC001.jpg will get rewritten with the new photos you are taking... So i'm saying all that to say, IF you can get a hold of a new mini disc and take the one out that the photos are deleted from it's possible to save them, just take new photos on the new disk.

This geek moment brought to you by.....
my name is Chuck Kells and I approved this message.
Love, Chuck

Karen said...

...too late. I already syarted taking more pix. I wouldn't have been able to get another card anyway....there are no stores or anything around Walmart!

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side...since you usually take about 6 pictures of the same thing, you probably only lost about 20 to 25 pictures!