Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lunch @ Manny's

So we all went out to lunch at the world famous Manny's Deli yesterday in the south loop. Here are some photos. We had a nice time.


YFA said...

Nice photos, Where's Manny's?

Hatter J said...

Manny's look like fun, but at the same time loaded with stuff I'm not suppose to eat. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi-great to see the family! I'm getting to your blog to see whats going on. Where are you tho? Get someone else to take some of the pictures so I can see you too. Nice talking to Chuck this morning while you girls were out scraping. Manny's does sound like it would be hard to make healthy choices. Chuck says he's inspired by you also and is counting calories too. Want to have you talk me thru that site you like so much. Maybe tomorrow. Going to ride my bike to market and get some vegies. Hugs and love Mom P.S. Hope we can talk soon. Our trips will overlap. Kate is in Chicago and might go to breakfast tomorrow. Guess on my part. I'm sooo excited about our trip! And your trip too! More love.