Sunday, March 9, 2008

- 15.4

Finally, another milestone! 15+ lbs gone....bye-bye.....thats the size of the pic above!!! (Its a 15lb turkey in case you are wondering) Feeling great! Altho, I'm a little (a lot) nervous about being able to keep the weight off. Since I've started this new health/fitness/weight loss quest I've immersed myself in health/fitness/weight loss books, mags, articles , etc. All the studies show that 95-97% of people gain the weight back once their goal weight has been reached. That is such a discouraging stat. From what I've been reading, it seems that the body has a 'set weight' that it likes to be at comfortably.....anything less or more is extremely hard to maintain. I'm hoping my 'set weight' is not the 163 lbs I started at.......!

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