Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Torture

"REALLY, MOM???REALLY????? You're going to put this outfit on me and expect me to be happy about it???"

My friend, Kristyn's sweet babe, Harper. I'm thinking she wasn't up for a photo shoot that day...or for wearing a tutu:)


Jean said...

Bwahahaahahahahaha.... poor thing... so abused... Bwahahaahahahahah....

that boo-boo face is just priceless!

Mamen said...

It's gorgeous chubby. I eat it with kisses and more kisses,
is another torture.
Greetings and kisses from Spain

Es una preciosidad gordita. Me lacomería a besos y mas besos
también es otra tortura.
Saludos y besos desde España

Kathleen said...

awwww.... that'll be a favorite picture for many years

kristyn said...

Love it! She just doesn't understand what is fashionable yet ;-)

DSL said...

Too cute for words!!
Debbie from: