Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quilt for Baby Lupita

My mom asked me to make a baby quilt for Maria, who is a classroom assistant at her school. So I did. And here it is. Her baby's name is (will be) Lupita so I 'wrote' her name on the quilt. Hope the ultrasound is right and Lupita doesn't come out as Lupito.


Kathleen said...

very nice... love the quilting and the name... Sophie looks very comfortable.

kat said...

That is some good stitching!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Honey, I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt in person! Looks wonderful! Thanks again. Love, Mom

Edible Art said...

ahhhh i love quilts !
always gives that warm homey feeling...~

and i love how you managed to add the name INTO the design !