Friday, September 19, 2008


....ran like a crazy person for Home First yesterday. Called by PS out to Barrington at 2a...stayed there until 9a. False baby...sent her to office for NST, ultrasound and BP check. Left there and stopped at Walmart to pick up wedding pics. As I stumbled into the store dreaming about my soft bed, I was called by MZ to go to FRANKFORT! 76 freakin miles later(thank God 355 goes thru to 80) I get there and the lady is not having contractions (aarrrrgggg) but has a broken water bag lightly tinged with mec. MZ wants her in the office. She don't want to go. Her mom is telling her ,"you don't have to go if you don't want to." I'm telling her, "oh yes you do." She needs to go for NST, an ultrasound to check the fluid level (she's leaking a ton) and MD exam. Her husband is just standing there like a big dope. I want to kill all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So she calls MZ and convinces him to come to her house for an exam...........I'M OUTTA HERE!!!! He can deal with these granolas! Home by 530p and in the bed but can't fall asleep. Oh well at least I'm reading a halfway decent book. Oh, BTW, I have to be with Henry today so that means I'll have worked all five days this week. I don't know how normal people do it. When do they have time to craft and nap and generally do nothing?!? I'M EXHAUSTED!!!!


Mary said...

Granolas is right!!

Umm hello...anyone every hear of that newfangled place called a HOSPITAL?? ;)

I hear ya, I picked up a shift this week and am working 5 days straight, it's absolutely ridiculous.

Nurse Mary

Anonymous said...

As your mom says, "Working really interferes with my social life."
Remember to breathe, I don't mean Lamaze.....

Anonymous said...

Your mom has corrected me, "Working interferes with LIFE."

Anonymous said...

take naps at work LOL
p.s. i am at work right now reading your blog, see its easy.

Anonymous said...

Next week will be better.