Monday, September 15, 2008

Basement Update

So, its back to work today...I needed to get some rest after this past weekend and I figured working with Henry would be less stressful then working more in the basement.

The basement is probably about 75% cleaned up. We worked on it for most of yesterday...mostly Chuck did. We found out that our neighbors down the block have 3 feet of poop water in their basement. Chuck talked with them this morning. They haven't even begun their clean-up. I feel so bad for them. I told Chuck we should go and help them clean up when they are ready. I figure what's a little shit between times!

Called the city today and they were very unhelpful. Will be making more phone calls when I get off work. It just seems to me that I shouldn't have sewer water in my house. Isn't that what some of my taxes go for?...properly working sewers???????? Again, I remind myself, things could be worse.


Kathleen said...

I agree, you should have sewers that work! ...funny how work is a break sometimes... in the "could be worse" department, your crafty room is on the second floor instead of in the basement!

Karen said...

....for which I say,"thank you,baby Jesus!"