Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm a big winner again! I got this email a little while ago.

All righty, without further ado, after a whopping 623 comments, the 12 lucky winners for the Roxbury Product Kit are....

Missy Norris


Cathy L by


Kim –

Heather Prins

Cookie Aguilar

Lisa D -

Jamie -

Starla -

Kristi Ottmar

Karen -

YAH!!! Big congrats ladies!

For the other 611 of you that did not win, no worries! We have 1 more new line that we're releasing now as well. Another mini line for Valentines called Loveland. And you bet your 'you know what' thatI'm doing another give away. It'll be sometime next week, so check back.

Happy Saturday!

(don't know what's up with the formatting on this post, Typepad isn't letting me fix it - sorry about that!)

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I again put my name in this blogs "electronic hat" and won this company's new Christmas line of paper, stickers, etc. Fun! (Too bad it wasn't a drawing for a car or a million $$$$'s!!!!)

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