Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kristyn's getting married today!!!

The sweet girl I work with at the twins house is marrying her best friend Marcus today. I spoke with her last night and she sounded so giddy and excited! Their wedding will take place on the Odyssey (boat on Navy Pier) at 5:30 this evening. Chuck and I will be getting all dressed up for the festivities. Looking forward to celebrating the beginning of Kristyn and Marcus' life together! Congrats you two!!!

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Anonymous said...

Karen, Charlie and the kids with Max and Delaney were at Navy Pier on Sunday afternoon for the Cirque de Soleil Shanghai performance at 4:00. When the show was over Delaney, Madeleine and Max went for a ride on the swings. When we were walking back to the parking garage we noticed that someone was getting married on the Odyssey. We were there at the same time. Bizarre!

Good Luck to Kristyn and Marcus.