Sunday, March 11, 2007

meltdown + random thoughts

all is well today altho yesterday had a total a complete crying tantrum meltdown on the driveway....I'm sure the neighbors were impressed with the new people....had to go thru all my crap in the garage so Chuck could fit his crap in there. it felt so overwhelming. it was overwhelming!! After a good sob, I was able to get almost everything in the house or sorted....feel alot better I just have to go thru all the boxes....some of the stuff is from when I moved from EP 3 years that bad?...YES

...feels like spring today...its so warm...about50...lots of sunshine.

I'm enjoying having Chuck's cats here....they're sweet....hopefully it will stay that way...Bubba likes to lick plastic which is kinda funny to watch.

My craft room is looking smaller and smaller with each thing I bring up here.

Loving our new house...

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