Sunday, March 25, 2007

hola from mexico found a computer at the new hotel I´m at until tomorrow...thought I´d give all my fans a shout-out....hahahaha...Wedding went well but everyone got sick from a neuroviris...I guess its like the bug people get on the cruise ships. The party that was at the hotel last week were sick, but it took until are party fell for the hotel to figure out what was going on...Poor Mary and Corey...alot of people were down for the count for alot of the festivities.

The wedding was super nice...Mary looked like a fairy tale princess. The weather is great sunny and 80 every day. I´m ready to get home...I miss you Chuck.

Take care all..more when I get home tomorrow, plus took a ton of pix...I know you all can´t wait for all the awesome scrapbook pages I´ll

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