Saturday, December 8, 2012


How to turn a sweater into a cardigan in 4 easy steps.

Saw this on Pinterest and decided to try it.
 Here's my tutorial:

Step 1.) Go to the thrift store and buy a sweater like this:
The sweater above is from Village Discount. Price: $3.20. Oh!.... it was half price day so it was actually only $1.60. Nice! I loves me my thrift stores!
Step 2.) Fold front of sweater in half down the middle and cut. (Don't be afraid....the sweater only cost you $1.60 :)
Step 3.) Fold cut edges in about an inch and iron them down using stitch witch or similar product.
Step 4.) Actually you can be done right now but since this was a heavier sweater, I decided to sew the edges. I used matching thread so you can't even see the stitch.
Final step: Go to IKEA with BFF and while there have said BFF take pics:)


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Jean(ie) said...

you have a tattoed machine too! I love your "test drive" photos! Cute sweater.