Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Eggy Hook-up :)

I was out riding my bike along the river the other day and came across the above sign, so i stopped in and met Dave....who will now be known as 'the egg guy.' I bought 2 dozen and with my purchase came a tour of his hen house. Below is the King of the Roost. He lords over 27 hens. He had a lot to say while I was there.

 Above is the hen house. The hens looked so cute sitting in their little roosting beds. The egg guy said the hens line up to take their turn in the beds. I don't know a lot about chickens, but I'm learning. We're hoping to have a few next year. Below are the gorgeous eggs.

Oh, and speaking of hens, mom and Penny are in town :)

We're all looking forward to some time in South Heaven next week.


Kathleen said...

How cool.... nice fresh eggs and you know where they come from :)

ahhh, South Heaven, enjoy!

Hopefully I see the "hens" at breakfast before they head back home.

Jean said...

"...Oh, and speaking of hens..."

you crack me up with that eggcelent joke...