Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Make Skirt from a T-shirt in 5 easy steps.

 Step 1.) Cut t-shirt off at armpits.
 Step 2.) Cut off a one inch strip. This will be used for your tie. Stretch this strip so it curls in on itself. (see next 2 pics)

 Step 3.) Sew the casing for the tie. Make this about an inch wide. 
 (note: the hem of the t-shirt is also the hem of your skirt:)
 Step 4.) Cut a small slit thru one layer of casing in order to slide tie thru.
 Step 5.) Attach a large pin to end of tie and thread thru the casing.

 TA DA!!! An adorable skirt made in less then 15 minutes!

 So far, I've made a pink one and a purple one.

I want one in every color! 


*If you get your T-shirts from the thrift store, make sure to check for stains on the front of the shirt. Also make sure the backside is not printed on past the armpits.

* If you are a size small person, use a medium size t-shirt. I am a med/large size person so I used an extra large t-shirt for the purple skirt....which fits better then the pink skirt which was a large. I gave the pink skirt to my sister who is smaller then me and it fits her well.

* If you want your skirt to have lots of pleats, use a shirt that is really big. 

* I tried to make one from a polo shirt and when I tried it on, it just didn't fall as nice as the t-shirt skirts do.

 T-shirts waiting to be turned into skirts:)


Sue R. said...

Soooo Cute!! So is the skirt :)

Pat said...

GREAT idea!!!

Beebs said...
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Beebs said...

So much fun. :-)

mfa said...

If you turn the sleeves in will the be pockets? You look very skinny !!!!

Karen said...

hmmm...great idea! and not skinny...the mirror is tilted to make me look skinny:)

Mary said...

I want one or 6!!!