Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty girls all in a row.

My Friend, Kristen's little beauties (well some of them....Caleb, Kelsey and Baby Kara, are missing from this shot). From the left: Grace,Courtney, Hope and Heather.

Please note the ADORABLE crocheted, matching barrettes that Kristen made for them.

So cute!!!

I started crocheting about a month and a half ago and am OBSESSED. Kristen and her daughter Hope, have pretty much taught me the right way to do it. It's been fun having this new hobby (just what I needed....a new hobby) and sharing it with Kristen and her girls. Hopefully I'll have some of the stuff I've made in the last few weeks to show you:)


Kathleen said...

Beautiful girls and cute barrettes. Can't wait to see what you have made!

Donna said...

Does this mean you're going to sit at the retreat and crochet?

Jean said...

Beautiful young ladies. Each and every one of them!

I've been seeing crochet pin action and cant' wait to find out what you're up to! LOL!