Saturday, January 28, 2012

Babies on Bellies.

I had some fun with some pregnant mama bellies this past week. Big thanks to the 2 ladies that let me practice on them:)
I used non-toxic markers for these 2 mamas but have since picked up some henna.

The 3 year old wanted a baby on her belly too, so daddy drew that one on:)

 This was my second attempt....not to bad!

I'd like to give away the next 3 belly drawings to whoever asks for them:)


Amy G said...

I'd like a belly drawing! I've done it at a Blessingway for someone once, but have never had it done on my own baby. =)

Anonymous said...

Karen, when I am that far I would love to reconnect with you and have this done. I am loving your blog and missing homebirth so much! Nora